Splinterlands Daily Quest - 5 New Chaos Legion Reward Cards!! 3 Rare!

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Hey folks, here are my daily mission prizes.

Done really great again today. I won another 5 new cards from the new Chaos Legion set just released. This includes 3 rare cards which is pretty good.

When I remembered they had increased the drop rate for the new reward cards to 50% I decided to take a chance and buy a quest potion for the crazy price of over 700 DEC! ($4.20) I am glad i tested this theory as the current value of the cards I won is over $12



The 3 rare cards all look really good with pretty decent stats for low mana level cards 😀

Venari Crystalsmith caught my eye as it has the Tank Heal Ability which can really help win battles.

Venari Wavesmith also looks great as it has the Protect Ability which grants all friendly monsters +2 Armour. These are both worth keeping + levelling up.

Peace, G.

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