HOW TO SHUT UP! HIVE is Gaining a Bad Reputation - Official Disagreement in Hive

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No, I do not agree!

Scroll down to see how I am blackmailed and manipulated to shut up and agree with a lie.

I do not agree with such language!

I do not agree with you trying to manipulate me and others in Hive!
I do not agree with my identity in Hive being offended by you calling me names!
I do not agree with a system of verbal censorship and to shut my mouth towards things!
I don't agree with Hive being promoted with values that are trespassed here by this group of @hivewatchers


Months ago, @hivewatchers blacklisted my account for 4 articles without a source for a photo that they called plagiarism! So no photo source is plagiarism in their mind.

~fuck your source

They stated that my @regeneretta account had also plagiarism.
I have asked them where, and they send a link directly to my site. I've asked them to verify that info, they didn't BUT up to this day, they call me a plagiarist.

A few days ago, they have blacklisted my @regeneretta account FOR WHAT? Check that website! SEND A SIMPLE MAIL, ASK ME TO POST A MESSAGE FOR THE COMMUNITY ON IT, ETC. IF you are really interested in the truth. Which I doubt.

They have blacklisted my @regenerette account again for rephrasing part of an article like you find out a piece of info and you put it in your own words, not entirely, of course. **No plagiarism found in it. **

They have been after me after I was spending a lot of time in POB, writing, curating, etc and most of their supporters are now very active in POB after April 2021 when they managed to create enough waves for me there.

Here is #censorship, lack of any free speech and suppression of other utopian Hive values, a few days ago:



The user is called @cranium and we could all see how easily he asked for justification for your downvotes and how easily you have forgotten him.

And now you want to keep me quiet.

I didn't continue anything. It wasn't plagiarism before and it isn't now with a simple rephrasing in an article of international news.




Finally, @hivewatchers,

I disagree with all the toxic behavior that will make witnesses re-evaluate your presence in Hive. With or without your friends that are now in POB and infowars for so many years. It seems like they're the only one on your side from all this Hive community and they are the only ones quickly coming to lick some bones when I write about you or POB each time.



@hivewatchers, answer this to the community:


There are so many things waiting to be unwrapped about Hive.
But you won't have the chance to downvote, farm comments, manipulate the info in any way. Keep your ground with your flock of sheep, for now, whip their a/sses, punish them for not doing what you want.

  1. I suspect English is not your first language which isn't helping you put your case across.

  2. Ranting and raving aren't helping you either because this post, for example, is incredibly hard to understand.

  3. Failure to give image accreditation via an image source link isn't plagiarism; it's theft! So, in reality, you could be accused of being a thief. The fact an image source link is not provided could give the impression the image is your own work which I suspect it was not?

  4. It is not acceptable to."Rephrase" someone else's work anywhere on the planet, let alone on Hive. That is plagiarism. The correct method is to enclose sections of the original in blockquote and then give your own interpretation of that quote.

  5. I suspect you're not six years old, and this is not the playground. Moaning about what another user did and how they are treated is what kids do in an attempt to get out of being in trouble "We'll Dave stole a whole packet of biscuits! I only took one." what others do has no bearing on your case.

  6. Now, I agree with you in regards to the so-called Freedom promoted by Hive [users]. If Hive were truly free, then everyone would be able to do what they liked, and the likes of @cheeter would be out of job. Sadly, when folk extol the virtues of freedom, what they really mean is freedom based on a set of rules and in truth, if you have rules, then really there isn't any freedom. Having said that. Because Hive is a rewards-based platform, there has to be some form of policing involved to ensure low scumbags don't try every trick in the book to steal rewards but earn them fairly and squarely through their own work.

I have had numerous conversations with @hivewatchers over the years, and I have to say I think they're pretty fair-minded on the whole, so I suspect there is more to this than laid out in this rant post?


You are free to do as you like though, as others are free to downvote/upvote anyone for any reason. Isn't that what freedom means?

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Yep, as I said, that would be the true definition of freedom; however, Hive as a whole (Or should that be the majority?) has decided to add a few caveats to "Freedom", most of which we all accept and understand. So, for example, simply translating an article and then posting that translation on Hive is a massive No-no! That's stealing someone else's work! I suspect leaving it up to upvoting or downvoting is insufficient for some of the determined plagiarists and spammers on Hive. I suspect those types of individuals rely on the fact that many users won't bother checking to see if the work is authentic or not and will be conned into making undeserved upvotes.

The best way to not get on any blacklists is not to copy other people's work or try to be smart by simply changing a couple of words here and there, thus trying to pass it off as unique work. Also, giving accreditation to the original producers/owners of any media included in posts.

Of course, but still, there is nothing stopping someone from doing that if they wanted. People that downvote those posts and blacklist those users are doing that by their own volition. Hence, everything is in the scope of freedom. People are still free to write plagiarised content on here, they would just get downvoted to oblivion and that is the freedom of other users. If the majority of users agree on something, it does not mean it is a caveat on freedom, it is those users freedom to agree on something. That is my understanding of what freedom is, and that the platform is still in this scope of freedom.

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I agree. But by the same token, people can't complain about Blacklists either, can they? If we accept people are free to lie and cheat, then we accept others are free to combat that. It's not rocket science. I'm also against people having more than one account. To my mind, there's only one reason to have multiple accounts, and that's to do something dodgy.

I agree. Not on the multi-account part though as there are legitimate use cases for multiple accounts. Like how I might want to reward someone's post on a tribe without wanting to reward HIVE and as everything on the blockchain is public, you can see if there is something dodgy going on.

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Na, we have communities for that. There's far too much circle jerk going on with Hive as it is without giving people the opportunity to self vote from multiple accounts. I don't bother investigating who's who, although a lot of my friends do. Ideally, I should be able to trust that who I'm conversing with speaks to me from one account only and doesn't communicate from multiple accounts with numerous personas all trying to Currie a vote which ultimately they will feed down to one account.

When you upvote in a community, you will also upvote with your hive voting power, that is how it works. I did not mess around with voting multipliers etc. though so idk.

I don't fully agree with that. There's plenty of reasons for having more than one account. As an example: I own (openly) @AdventureReady & @BeachReady. Both are sister companies but I want to brand them in different congruent ways here on the Hive Blockchain. This is only one practical example, @dickturpin and @mrtats, for having a multiple account approach to the Hive Blockchain.

If it's fraudulent reasons though... I get it and agree. Having more than one account for the purposes of less than honest acts is an absolute determent.

Of course, having different accounts for different projects is one of the legitimate reasons for having multiple accounts. I just wanted to give a personal example by mentioning curation in different communities.

We have to acknowledge that some people might use multiple accounts to hide their self-voting tendencies and other fraudulent things.

Sure. These are things to consider... But on the whole I don't think that would be a reasonable reason NOT to have the ability to have another account. It's all about intent as you know. These are tricky things and the balance is an ever changing pendulum of need and want.

I gave you a follow as I appreciate your sharp intellect and the obvious care you have for the Hive Blockchain.

The more than one account opinion is interesting.

The community is set up for creators in niches. I think people are more apt to delegate and Auto upvote when they know someone sticks to a particular subject.

In this regard, I've considered doing a different account for the hive pile show and my sports social talk content

Didn't you get the idea that this post was about aggressivity? And what you're doing? You persist on that by playing the same coin and falling to the back-side of it? I really don't care about your ideas that insist to be clever with this kind of attitude you've got. Unfortunately, you did have numerous conversations with hive watchers to the point you're one of them. And you made that pretty clear.

Very well put

I never like to user users getting flagged or downvoted for no reason or without resolution. I would upvote this if I still could. I can send you some !BEER and !PIZZA though! Keep posting. If they are being unreasonable and you cannot stop this downvoting, I suggest making a new account and to keep going. I don't know the whole story but you should be able to post.



@regenerette! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @darkflame.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (1/20)

@regenerette your personal issues with @hivewatchers and your conspiracy theories are not related to dunksocial. Seeing that you are self-voting these unrelated content with the delegation given to you by @dunksocial is also highly concerning. You are supposed to curate worthy posts with that delegation, not your shitfest. I'll have to ask you to stop your tag abuse once and for all.

Your shitty language directed to me yesterday just makes me advice you to HIDE behind this account that you are using now. Once I found your other accounts, they will be reported and treated properly, according to your behavior.
You have no idea Why I am in Dunk and you don’t own enough info to have a pertinent narative.


Reported to whom exactly, I am free to call you whatever I want, don't you like freedom? Are you trying to censorship me? My accounts are public, feel free to report them.

No, you are not free to call someone whatever you want. Where did you get this idea from? Where do you people live, on Mars?

No, I am. Freedom of speech includes freedom to insult and freedom to offend.

No moral codes, no empathy? Nada de nada? No wonder Japanese people made valuable Anime series in this respect...

Yeah, I don't care about your moralistic fallacy. The definition of free speech is loud and clear and it includes freedom to insult and freedom to offend. If the consequence of that freedom is that some people might not like me, or what I say. So be it.

If it's loud and clear you should listen more closely

Well, within set circumstances, yes. I'm sure you know the limits of that freedom.

You choosing to do it where you do it still reflects poorly

She's milking lol. I don't get why @dunksocial has not considered removing the delegations yet. She has liquid dunk and has staked non. She's of no good anyway.

She self-voted this? Lol. Let me help run it to zero 🤣

@mrtats.dunk @espandorr @regenerette

This is quite the situation playing out here. I have no interest in jumping in and taking sides in any way as I am of the mindset that we should all be able to say what we would like on Hive and Dunk Social. The only things that are topically relevant to the health of Dunk Social here are the concept of tag spamming and the dangers of self voting. The delegation that I gave to @regenerette was to provide the chance to generate DUNK rewards for her willingness to discuss digital marketing with me as she has expertise in the field. I think that she has a lot to add to the community, but is having a frustrating few days and is attempting to express this issue. I think that I understand the reasons for tagging DUNK, but I also feel frustrated with being involved at all as I just want this platform to be a space to discuss basketball. Self-voting is also something that is dangerous to the health of the platform, but that is why we have downvoting, if members of the community feel it necessary to downvote a post they may do so at their own discretion. For now, I will leave the delegation where it is and ask kindly that posts just remain basketball related to everyone's best effort! I hope that this issue is resolved for you @regenerette and that we can all move forward and continue to create our community.

Thanks, Rob. I have tagged Dunk as the post was a general message for Hivers. From here, I will just curate in Dunk.

I understand! Thank you, I hope that your issue comes to an end quickly!

Thank you!

I have so much respect for this sort of response Rob. Way to keep your eye on the ball and be objective in your reasoning and response.

What matters IS the health of our communities.

We don't need to take sides and pull each other apart especially after we have all put so much time and effort into improving this place we all love and innovating better ways to human.

Let's all continue to do that and also put more attention into making Hive a friendly welcoming place for us to continue inviting our friends, family, and famous.

I like the work your doing here on Hive.

Keep it UP!

Followed and gave you some upvotes for the fun of it! 🏀

@wil.metcalfe 🙌

Thank you Wil! I appreciate your kind words. I think we all want to see the success of Hive and that definitely has to be our focus here! Glad to hear my words were well received!

Absolutely! I know a wise soul when I see one... and we all need more calm and rational minds around here doing good things. 🙌




You win. I'm really sorry. I hope you feel better.

Your downvotes are so scary, save me plz ㅜㅜ;;

Hey @regenerette, here is a little bit of BEER from @darkflame for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

"They" have taken down cranium's extra accounts with a clear message that it will no longer be tolerated. What's the point of tagging them?

 last year (edited)

Question: What, according to you, happens with the rewards removed from downvoted posts?

Downvoted for providing false information.

Unless you buy more dunk tokens to self vote and make me rich, I'll keep using my power to remove every undeserved dunks you get 🙂

This is such an undesired behavior in Hive...for some of us at least. It just comes from wickedness, envy, and frustration.

Non of the above!

I only needed a 12% downvote to remove the milked dunk, haha, feels great actually. I wouldn't have a problem with you asking for freedom, but don't milk in the process and yet call yourself clean.

Quite a retard if you ask me ☹️

Hey man... Although I understand the passion behind your words I hope that you realize that how we conduct ourselves on the Hive Blockchain matters.

It is my goal to spread good will everywhere I go... and although not every situation is bound to be within bounds... that doesn't mean we have to conduct ourselves in an unsportsmanlike way.

Let's all do our utmost to be as friendly as possible... If we don't prioritize this... then Hive will no longer be a welcoming and friendly place for people to human.

We all need to keep this in mind.

If you visit my blog, you'll find one post of hers there(reblogged) and if you check her previous posts too, I have upvoted a few as well, I really don't have a problem with her, lol. But when it comes to this, it really isn't in my place to support the tag spam and milking of rewards...

I hope you understand that too

Sure I do. I 100% do. But let's keep it all friendly hey? There's more said about how you say something than what's actually said sometimes right...? 😉

Yep, it depends solely on how different people interpret it, the intentions may never be the same :)

So, if at all possible, it's always best to default to your best possible self... at least in my humble opinion. It's all about keeping it classy! 😉

Hehe, I'll take it from you then. No more outrageous approach, lol.

I do not necessarily agree with you, calling her a retard is a strong word, I do agree on that part. But her post yesterday was the epitome of stupidity and her accusations on that post are definitely hostile. I do not need to be friendly to someone that is already taken a hostile stance and spewing baseless conspiracy theories.

And you know that what she has done with this post is frowned upon.

Surely. But we all have a bit of rebel blood in us don't we? (We all made our way to the Hive Blockchain didn't we?) And we all fly our flag in the face of Social2.0 here right? 🏴‍☠️ I'm a super nice guy most of the time... But under the right circumstances and if I care a lot about something and get angry... even I might drop the classy decorum, drop my mitts and make mistakes. Regardless we gotta cut people slack so that others will cut us slack when we need it. We aren't gods and goddess's of perfection here... we are fallible human beings living and learning the best way we can... together! ...and we all deserve some grace. Yes. There's a time to be gruff and tough with people. I know that as well as you do. But with everyone fast is slow and slow is fast... and we gotta acknowledge that! So keeping it classy as a default is always every time the way forward. If we loose the friendly edge here on Hive... That's it. We are no better than anywhere else and other people (from the outside) are going to see this and steer clear. And that will be the end of this endeavor. It sounds simplistic... but how we handle our own does matter.

Of course, as I said calling someone a retard is offensive, and I do not like it as you do. And, of course, we should act friendly to people that are doing honest mistakes and we should cut them some slack. But in my view, her accusations in yesterday's post can not be excused as honest mistakes. She should have done the due diligence to understand the basic concepts of those companies before posting her baseless accusations. If she had understood what those companies do, she would have understood why her accusations were baseless.

How about we call this thinking aloud. I do it all the time here in my home and it gets me in all sorts of trouble. I think there is value in looking where other people are not. Be this true... be it not so true... there's still value in taking a close look at the underpinnings of how people organize themselves. When a small individual throws themselves at a whole group of people you have got to ask why that might be...

Let's all do what we can to defuse the situation and wait for calmer more rational minds to come back into the conversation. I think that we will find more truth if we all commit to doing that.

Perhaps things weren't done in a way that was the best... But why did that happen? There's what we can see... and then there's what we can't and it's just under the surface.

Humans are emotional beings... I don't hold that against anyone. I just try to understand and look deeper.

I'm curious why your having an adverse reaction to her words? Is it because she has attacked something you deeply care about? Tell me more... See! There's always a way to turn something less than positive into something constructive.

Humans are defined by conflict... But we are also measured buy how we resolve our differences and how we build people up and make things better after the fact.

It can be done and it is worth doing.

I am being calm. I am having an adverse reaction because her accusations of hive etc. being owned by companies are not factually true and baseless. I am having an adverse reaction because she is disseminating misinformation. My reaction is not to her issues with @hivewatchers, but the way she uses misinformation to have her own way and then antagonizing people that would call her on it, in her post. I might have given her plight an ear if she had not thrown baseless accusations around. That is not how you make yourself heard, it is how you throw a tantrum.

When she antagonize and insult people's intellect, she should have expected harsh words and her hypocritical behaviour afterwards does not inspire her intentions to be genuine. I hope I made myself clear on this issue.

Fantastic feedback. And I respect the way that you articulated yourself. Thank you for doing that. I can hear the frustration in your words... and I completely understand the reasons why. You and I both feel the same way about Hive. I think what I find interesting though is that this is the first time I have heard anything like this before... but I have to say... Hive will be eventually a wide array of people with all sorts of intent and structure around them. None of this should surprise anyone... and to be honest! Hive is owned by many different interests and many of them we have absolutely no idea about. Baseless or not I still am interested to find out what someone manages to dig up along the way. Aren’t you? 😉

But still... I can completely understand your thoughts about @regnerettee’s resent posts. They weren’t the most positive in sentiment. So yeah. I get it.

I’m still going to do my best to listen to both sides of every discussion and I’m not one to quickly make up my mind. Usually theirs something good that can be learned from even the most negative of circumstances.