Cacao medicine

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Delivering medicines for the soul ❤💛💚
Cacao, the original form of non-industrialised chocolate, was called "Food of the Gods" by the Mayans. It opens and heals the heart chakra.
We blend cacao with other powerful cannabinoid amd entheogen medicines. Entheogens completely changed my life. These chocolates are also infused with sacred mantras chanted to them.
I am more than happy to take time to explain how entheogens bring spiritual awakening and healing in the parts our soul needs. Message me for more information.
One love 💫🍫


Beautiful. I have seen some chocolate bars with mushrooms in them. I take it helps deliver the medicine more effectively?

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Yes most definitely ;)

It's more that the mushrooms and chocolate synergize in the body metabolically. Cacao is said to be a heart opening plant medicine, and in combination with mushrooms, which (IMVHO) are more mind expanding than heart opening (although the latter can be a side effect of consuming mushrooms), the effect is a bit more profound with a different kind of depth to it. There are molecular mechanisms at play here (the serotonergic receptor system as well as olfactory receptor system), so there is actual interplay at that level influencing these phyiscal and psychological effects.

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