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RE: Introducing The LERN Community & Token

in LERN2 years ago

It's amazing to see this coming to reality as we create an avenue for people to learn in a legitimate way and rewards for their Engagement in a normal and regulated model.

It's your Understanding that determines your stand, I'm happy to be part of this movement. Let's make it grow as we connect many to our dear community.

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Thanks bro, you've been a part of our Hive community from day 1 🙌🏽 Making you an ambassador was a no-brainer.

lol @stemgeeks and @stemcuration upvoting your comment and not the actual post. We are not a competitive tribe, but clearly some things on Hive will never change 🤣

All the best!

The post is upvoted but crypto is not really our niche.

Neither is (crypto) their niche at @lernherstory 🧏🏽‍♂️

It's not a speculative tribe. However, we host blockchain seminars to get more people involved and sharing their controversial content in a secure manner.

The focus is predominantly STEM, Legalizing Entheogens and Women's rights.

(founded by actual scientists, activists and UN speakers)