Few Ways To WIN! Crypto Contest - Win 100 LERN - Help Me Lern dCity and Raising Star

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This article is a short call for help.

I didn't have much time to play dCity and Raising Star, but I want to play for the next week or two.


I shall reward those of you who can give me some good insight on:

-How I need to start without investing anything but time and energy in dCity.
-What's the most important strategy for beginners in both games. Not step, but a whole strategy.

If someone thinks of helping me with some cards for a week or two, I will appreciate that too. I never forget those who help me. Some of you already know that.

5 Prices of 100 LERN each.
Deadline: 2 days - 14 and 15 of June

If you reblog this post, you'll get 10 LERN, just let me know.

If you tweet this post, you'll get 5 LERN. You never know when this coin will invite you for a crazy crypto dance!
If you post an article in DunkSocial and you send me the link and I like it, you get 25 LERN and a nice Dunk curation. Just mention this article in it with a link.

Waiting for some mechanics and dynamics strategies.

Thank you!




Wow! this is a verrrrrrryyyyyy old picture of my city LOL =)

There is lots of strategies to be honest, and some people like one type, some others. At this point for those two games at least its not just quickly get in to get the most advantage. Of course that technique usually works, but sometimes it does not.

For what you ask on dCity the best you can do is trading in my view. Try to find the discrepancies on cards and try to guess which ones will raise price (either because of demand due news, or some other bluff someone is doing, the usual on trading). Then, take a good look at what is your objective long term (because that will matter) and focus on getting quicker towards that path then others.

Example, let's say I am (for example, this is not my real strategy) trying to get the most creative city on dCity to take advantage of the pool rewards... then I should focus to purchase as cheap as possible building that provide lots of research. Things like this.

Also, a great advice is to make use of the SIM when you most need it. Don't spend it all right away (like I did on the beginning). Sometimes there are some cheap stuff being sold for SIM and (right now is not a big problem because SIM is cheap, but) back then SIM was really high, and would go down the day after, when I had already acquired SIM at a higher price.

Anyhow, this is more or less the "daily cents" I can provide. Also, if you are for the long run, don't sell all the cards... sometimes the game changes, and not selling those cards (like Labs for example) will get you rich, literally. For small cities that's not an option, but once you hit like 10K pop, things start to make sense.

Hope this is not too much =) will learn more about that LERN token... it kind of attracts me.

I want to copy your answer and then delete it to keep it for myself...lol

I might start the dCity experience these days and I don't have time to learn just now as I am between other daily tasks.

Thank for your input, I'll see about your reward if you reblog this. Hihihi! Joking.

Was already reblogged even before I answered. 😅

I was just checking the LERN project and how things were. I will put some orders to avoid people dumping (if they do, they will regret).

Next week will try this one my pub... I think it has sort of the theme for it.

I’ve noticeddd! Yey!

It is a great strategy to do what you Said. I Support Lern Even if I had to sell a Little ... compulsory selling 2 days ago. But this makes me more involved now. I bring my share back in the community.
I love good advocacy!
Let me see your moves in the pub. I miss the pub!
Some cherries for you. I got 6 kg yesterday!

You bought gold!!! 😮6kgs here is like 150 $NZ

I’ll eat it. That’s how I’ll invest it in my happiness. Paid about 14$ here.

Damnnn that's cheap!

And they have no chemicals. I got them from locals. They Even came with them as I told them I cannot lift stuff. Nothing extra for home delivery.


Actually for Rising Star, it starts off slow but you don't need to put anything into the game. In fact there is a ton of giveaways going on to get cards to unlock more missions and the most recent post with the list of giveaways can be found here. In fact that link updates daily and they generally link it in game as well.

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Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction!
I’ll be checking the link shortly!
Much appreciated!

Lol. I've been meaning to try out all these games on Hive. But each time I hop over and log in, I get confused and run right off hahaha. I would also like to know how to play them.

I got some idea about them but I am looking for the best tips. Thanks for reading and for the reblog. You’ll have your Lern tokens in 2 days in Hive Enigne and leodex for the reblog.

Make sure on dcity to always have at least a balance of 8000 sims that way you get some hive bonuses on a daily basis.
at the moment im in the stage of trying to buy about 100 weed farms
A) due to being cheap and bring profit quickly
B) gives you free weed token which is an added bonus
C) It can help you get to ranking 400+ in popularity and this again gives you some hive rewards on top as well

Also buy a law firm and a Military Base as well for additional bonuses and war shares
And just keep building your population as well as building will get workers for your farms and businesses and additional profit as well

Rinse and repeat till you have a healthy balance and keep it up

Hope this help

And on rising star Keep gathering starbits and doing missions, when you get at least 1000 starbit stake these into records for some extra profit and once sold out of records you get your stake back

Keep building till you have a 1 million Starbits and at level 50 you might be able to do the millionaire mission then your on a winner :)

Thank you so much!

I'll make a file for each game with these feed-backs and follow all your suggestions.

Yeah always here to help and i see @forykw is giving advice as well, hes the real expert and will help you on any kind of games


I have noticed his gaming in blockchain posts. He's been a great help!

How I need to start without investing anything but time and energy in dCity.

I guess, for Dcity you need to invest but you can start free in Rising star, take care of your ego and increase fans and continue doing missions.

Thank you!

Yes. I have started in Raising Star.
Many appreciations for engaging!

I've been playing Rising Star for months and the first thing you should do is to be very aware of when your mission time is up, if you are going to play without investing for now, when you have done many illegal busking missions you will be gaining starbits, from 1200 or 1400 you can buy more cheap cards in the market or gather up to 10 thousand to buy a pack, you decide.

You don't have to worry for now about the ego, it comes out when you exceed your number of fans compared to your skill, that ego bar comes out at level 15 I think.

I sent you some gift cards that I had left over, I hope you like them, I also reblogged the post, good luck and enjoy the game.

Thanks so much for each tip. That helps me building a good approach. Thank you so much for the cards also. Just make sure you have sent them to my account @regeneretta. That is my first one in Hive.
You just made me a wonderful morning !

I send again on the correct account, I am happy that you like the gift. have a great day.😃

Thank you. I Shall be At the laptop after cooking and enjoy the Game! Huggggs!

@forykw @dadspardan @gr33nm4ster, you're the winners. Check your wallets for your LERN.

wowoooo! I won something again... its getting a very bad habit =) !LUV

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