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RE: #loveforhive Gratitude Video

in LERNlast year

Thank you, too.
I also appreciate what you and Donald are providing. He is boosting the transparence of Hive, shilling on Twitter also. And he's a great community advocate!

I'm glad that you have created this together and I'm ready to recommend this community to more Hive friends.
Sending love and pure energy with a hug for both of you!


Hey!!!!! Thanks @regenerette, I'm glad you found our new community. We've been super busy here, but you can expect some changes to the frontend and our official introduction post this coming week.

We're setting up an ambassador program. Really simple we will delegate LERN to ambassadors to help curate, recruit and moderate our community. Let me know if you're interested in the new LERN discord server:

Thanks again!

Great news and upcoming changes for LERN then, @donald.porter!

I love changes!

I can be here for LERN a few hours per day until I go for holiday and back recovery, at least 1 month from now I can do this.

I'll be writing you on discord soon.

I am glad I have found this seems refreshing, clear for the mind, with a good energy around.