The Price For True Democracy in Africa

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Starting with my favourite quote "You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.” – Malcom X". I would place my review on the developing nation (Africa).

History of Africa Democracy

A state could be referred as being Democratic, When the citizenry and the government institutions understands the rights and responsibilities of each other, and powers are equally shared with mutual respect, checks and balances to avoid power tussle or abuse.

Democracy could be traced to the ancient Greeks who were themselves considered the founders of Western civilization in the 18th century. Africa Democracy could be traced to the mid-1980s, Where African political systems were dominated by authoritarian regimes and African political thought was preoccupied with developmentalism: how to overcome the challenges of development through socialist-or capitalist-oriented strategies. In the 1960s, many leading political scientists even applauded the one-party state as a vehicle for nation-building and economic development; it supposedly minimized societal conflicts and conformed to African cultural traditions and a preference for consensus politics. Many notable political drivers include —Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Leopold Senghor of Senegal, Sekou Touré of Guinea, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and Nelson Mandela of South Africa.

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Challenges faced in Africa Democratic development

Fundamental to the question of democracy in Africa have been different conceptions and visions of what democracy means and entails. Most African scholars recognize that consolidating democracy on the continent will remain a difficult and daunting task. Despite the steps taken to mitigate the projection of scholars about the developmental process of Africa Democracy, the continent is still faced with challenges ranging from;

  • Corruption and Polical Inefficiency: With continuous daily news of mismanagement charges placed on Political office holders, issues of electoral volience, and inappropriate exploitation of electoral, the Citizenry has minute expectation from the system.
  • Growing Economic and Social Inequalities Among People: despite the enshrined constitutional rights, the level of inequality has been on the raise. With political office holders charactered with looting of public Treasury, an amassing of wealth meant for societal development.
  • Nepotism,and other social Negative vices; Man-No-Man has been a new trend that's has reduced the faith of the citizenry on the present Democratic system. As position are not attained on the ground of merit, but as a result of your affluence or other affinity.
    Other reasons includes entrenching constitutionalism and the reconstruction of the postcolonial state, preventing military intervention in politics, instituting structures for the effective management of ethnic diversity, promoting sustainable development and well-enforced property rights regimes, nurturing effective leadership, empowering women, managing globalization,protecting the youth, and safeguarding human rights and the rule of law.


My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” – Desmond Tutu. despite the efforts from patriot who faught for the democratalization of our beloved continent we are still placed in realm of quagmire, hovering an praying for a messiah to redeem us from our self. Who can save Us? Will Africa ever attain true democracy? When would that ever happen?

Share your taught on the listed questions. Thanks .


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