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Hi everyone! I was happy to receive this beautiful notepad from a dear one. I felt like making a little drawing on it. The one who gave it to me is in search of a house, so I made this little house in response to a precious gift. I felt gratitude and I was inspired by such a beautiful dream of buying a house.

I do have lots of notepads and this is a nice one, clearly, but I think the most important is the gift, the energy one puts in it, and the message. So, hope we both nurture ourselves with happiness and fulfill our dreams.

Best to you all!

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Wow is that real leather?
Beautiful piece and intricate work.

I am not sure and I hope not 😄 I am not leather-friendly 😁
It is a niceone indeed. It was manufactured in Nepal as I have been informed.

Hahahaa I actually appreciate leather, but I also need to learn how to keep it in good condition in this tropical climate 😅.

I think about the animals that are mistreated...so, I try to choose more appropiate fabrics from this point of view...irrespective of the climate..lol 😋

Ah yeah, the animals 😅.
I'm not quite there yet. I don't mind fake fur though hihi, I hope that's a start 🙈.

Wow the gift is so beautiful the notepad is so lovely and the person that gave you as a gift as really give you something that is so precious.

Because it's really help you to keep some record and some plan that you want in the future should not stand down into the notepad.

The person that give you as a gift know that you will need something or somewhere you can note your importance things inside.

I love the colour is so lovely

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Thank You for your nice words. Yes, I will write some plans/ important things on it and keep it for some precious moments.

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Yay! 🤗
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