Introduction to Equilibrium Genshiro and It's features

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The rationale behind the introductions of Decentralized finance includes, "- Decentralized autonomy- reduction of borrowing stress- lesser lending fee- KYC bridge etc." Over the years, the Decentralized market has been able to achieve this great vision, and has continued to grow with other divergent approach to manage the daily business transaction, reduce the risk level and increase earning returns.

About Equilibrium

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Equilibrium is the first interoperable DeFi aggregate it comprises of a comprehensive lending platform and a professional-grade cross-chain DEX. with it's native token known as $EQ. Equilibrium is built On the Polkadot heterogeneous multi-chain architecture.

Features of Equilibrium

Just as most projects built on the polkadot heterogeneous multi-chain architecture, enjoys ; - Scalability - Interoperability - - Shared security - On-chain governance. - Forkless upgrades - Extra-key security via multi-signature accounts etc, Equilibrium gives other super-engaging features which includes;

  1. Bailout: liquidity provision in advance to secure loan in the system, and earn rewards. Great for passive crypto earners.
  2. Programmatic interest rate: A gems for lender, as there are giving the opportunity to get less interest loan, base on algorithmic risk assessments.
  3. Built-in cross-chain DEX: Trade assets on mutiple platform, and usage of advance other type. Great for traders.

Equilibrium puts all party in consideration when siting it's platform, the lender, the liquidity provider, and the traders. Other active features worthy of mentioning is the 3-layer proactive system solvency protection which is covered by bailsment, covered by Over-Collacterization, Cover by insurance policy, all in it's respective Proportion.

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All investors are required to do their individual research before investing as the post is strictly the opinion and personal review of the author.