WhatsApp to bring end-to-end Encryption for Backup

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Whatsapp is one of the most popular social media messaging platforms and in fact, this is the app that has started the new trend. I am not sure if there was any other app like this before WhatsApp as my journey with the messaging app started with WhatsApp only. Yes, I know that there was Blackberry messenger (BBM) but it was not for everyone and only blackberry phone users were able to access it. Even with the blackberry phone, it was needed a plan to use blackberry services and all this was so annoying because it was not allowing anyone without BB Code. This option to get code could be a good way to ensure the safety and security of data but it was not user-friendly.


Now with WhatsApp, its easy to communicate with people and we can share media content easily. We have so many apps offering similar features and even calling is possible with most of the app but data security is one of the concerns that's why people prefer to go with reputed one. This year also when WhatsApp notified abut their policy changes then many users started leaving WhatsApp which shows that people are more careful about their personal data and I think this should be the case.

Whatsapp encrypts all the chats that mean no one can access the information or conversation we are sharing and even WhatsApp can't access it as per what they claim. I hope that this is true but I don't think that there is anyways we can cross-check. But there was no encryption on the backup that means if we have chat backup in any device then whoever gets access to the backup file will be able to read the messages and data.

WhatsApp says it will be adding support for this feature in the coming weeks as an additional layer of security for those who want it. “If someone chooses to back up their chat history with end-to-end encryption, it will be accessible only to them, and no one will be able to unlock their backup, not even WhatsApp,” explains the company.


So now WhatsApp is going to release encryption for backup as well and this is very much required because this way now we can secure our backup as well from anyone. They are going to release this in the coming weeks however this will be optional so if you are not interested to encrypt your chat then you can ignore this. Although there is no point in not encrypting the data if someone doesn't want to use the features then it will be optional.

These days our data is valuable and most people share sensitive and personal data as well through WhatsApp so it becomes necessary to encrypt it all. Although calls and messages are already encrypted and with this additional layer of security we can make much safer. Data is precious so we should always use the best possible ways to protect and I am glad that I will have the option to safeguard my chat backup as well.

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I believe this is a good one from Whatsapp to ensure more privacy. Great move. Hope they continue to take right of its users more important

Absolutely and its very important because safety is on high priority

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whats app is improving and in just a few years they have become so big

yes and its good that they are adding security features


I like the idea and where it is going and it is a very big step. I just don't trust the mothership behind it if you know what I mean.