Remote working lead to Technology Evolution

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Technology has been evolving in the last few years significantly and it is bringing the best of technological solutions to make our life easy in personal as well as professional. If you are able to read this post then for sure you are part of the evolution. Either we agree or not but the truth is that we use technology every day and it has become an important part of our life. Our day starts with technology and ends with the same as well.

Some of the use of technology has made an important presence in our life and payment services that we use is one-off that we can't expect to live without these innovations. Now we can make payment with ease and in seconds and this hade the entire process not just easy but convenient too. We use gadgets, online services, many appliances in the home that have reduced manual intervention and all this is possible just because of the technology revolution.



Remote working itself is a good example of technology evolution and its possible because software and devices are so advanced. We have got quite advanced and fast laptops which makes easy working and for data connection requirement we have devices including phone and internet routers that provide high-speed internet. Most of the people who work from home have a proper data connection that is capable to provide high-speed internet and in the case of traveling even our phones work as hotspots and we get internet access at much fast speed. Although its on as fast as broadband certainly a good option that keeps us connected.

All these things are not new and these were available prior to the covid pandemic as well but there is certainly a good improvement after covid. Earlier work from home, the option was not easily available and companies were providing this facility to only selected or senior employees but now everyone has got it and this has proved that many industries can manage their efficiently with remote working too. Its the beginning of a new era where we can expect companies to follow flexible working and everyone will get the option to work from any place as long as they are able to deliver what they have been hired for.

Earlier I had a data speed of 20 Mbps maximum and I was working from the office so it was enough and even my ISP was not planing to upgrade it however after the covid pandemic when people started working from then they also upgrade their network and mow they offer speed of up to 200 Mbps and this is common across all the internet service providers. Even broadband Availibility has been improved and it has open another opportunity for users as well as companies.



As a user, I am able to get high-speed data and companies can make more money through it so their revenue is increased. Undoubtedly, fast internet speed helps to finish work faster and saves time so I am very with this and I hope this has also many people's life easy. In the current situation, it seems like companies are going to adopt a hybrid working model where people will get the option to work from home as well as the office on alternate days and this is a good move. Now we have advanced tool that works much faster in the cloud so no physical set up is required and working from does not affect productivity.

Thank you so much.

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Completely true i also feel more free because it saves me a hour of commuting a day.
I don't see any decent reason To return to the office

I also have the similar situation and enjoying work from home because it saves my traveling time. Thanks.

Hi @alokkumar.

Technological advances have come to our lives to stay and this we can see more and more in each of our daily activities, so each and every one of us is left is to adapt in the best way to such technological applications, thanks for compattir such interesting content. Greetings.

Absolutely my friend. Now we can't imagine a life without technology as it has become an integral part of our life.

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Certainly the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of better technologies to carry out remote work, before this many managers only conceived a physical meeting, now they have seen the advantages of a video call meeting with their entire work team, there are even field activities that can be monitored from home. All of this is certainly a product of the advancement of electronic office and communication devices.

Greetings @ alokkumar121
The use of technology since the beginning of the pandemic has increased enormously and has been of great help for many activities that were necessary to have active, besides transforming others that were unthinkable to do them from home, without misinterpreting (a necessary evil) for the technological world.
Thank you very much for sharing your publication