CONTEST - 5 POB, 5 LEO, 5 Hive or 50 LERN or Whatever Other 5 Second-layer Token

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This is a simple post to tell you that you can win by posting an article or a comment to this post, in which you can describe a period in your life when you felt that life is passing you by. It might even be a positive memory or a static situation. Feel free to include a photo that might relate to that.
Don't tell me/us how you overcome that. Instead, let me feel that situation, let me see it somehow.
There are stages like that in our lives and our thoughts become an echo with no answer.

👉 On Saturday, a single winner will be chosen.
Choose your token and let me know which is in your article. I know the prices are not much but I am willing to promote the winner's article in the centralized social media as well or on another blockchain to send people to you if you wish.


Looking forward to this experience,



About 6 years ago they invited me to trolling by boat near La Borracha island, we had like 2 hours without fishing anything until I took the first Dorado and from that moment we started fishing more.


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I love fishing also.Even though I have stopped doing it a few years back because my levels of empathy were too high...

It was 3am on April 6, 2007, I broke my water, arrived at the hospital, it was Good Friday, so doctors were scarce, the room was full and I was scared.
Women came and went from this experience in a matter of minutes, but I was still there, in the long wait, I made no progress, I continued to delay very little, exhausted with thirst, alone and surrounded by screaming women ...

The clock ticks and they gave me 6pm, all day in a stormy wait, until when?

I decided to push on each contraction, although the doctors said otherwise ... 8pm, doctor is the baby's head there, I feel it !!!, they will take me in a wheelchair and the work begins ...

With her cord around her neck, without crying, they do resuscitation and I hear the cry of Alexandra, MY FIRST DAUGHTER ...

Tired, with tears and pain ... but she is alive and today she is 14 years old.

Thank you

hehehe here you have my positive experience


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Everything turned out brilliant and you have a 14 years old shinny star now!

Thank you for opening up and sharing your story!

Thanks @regenerette, we fully support this initiative!

*Sending you an extra 50 LERN to sponsor!

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Thank you!

I really appreciate your involvement and your support!

Just as a reminder: LernBlogs is now in Minds, EmpireKred, Twitter and on some private FB groups.People are informed about us. Once I get more free time these days, I will spread the news even more.

Yay! 🤗
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A Tuesday, full of anxiety and fear. Fear and sadness But hope again overflowing my whole being. A miracle had already arrived on a Sunday in August. A blessed treasure, he again put his name on stage. Going through the dark and cold corridors, with intermittent light marking the uncertainty, we reached the end of the corridor and there was our dilemma. Prayers came and went, we passed alone. Just him and me, in an environment of hope and strength. Holding each other, waiting to be studied again. We were called and my heart stopped, I needed my partner. With my shaking hands we carried it to his new study and his father arrived. The fear disappeared, the fears receded, and the results changed. As if I came to this world healthy and happy I was, there had only been a wrong test and everything was fine. Our treasure was healthy and life returned to us, the air re-entered our chest. Again our son is a child protected by God and our love.

This is a true "associate" experience.This is how we call in NLP these stories that are very well described that someone can almost feel them. Thank you so much for sharing this with me/us! Hugs to your son!


I wrote about this before as the first chapter of my short story begun that way. the SETBACK...
it was a very dark chapter of my life and I'm still experiencing its ramifications to this day.
in 2009 when I was 16, my parents got divorced and they were covering it up (mainly my mom) and I kinda felt severe guilt by providing an easy entry of that "witch" to our family. it started back when I was just an infant,
that date was kept in mind because of its massive traumatic events and consequences. it was like a wrong turn with me having a flat tire, so to speak.
my father used to own one of the largest businesses in the country and very strong connections. the guy literally felt invincible. and that is the very same thing what brings nations to their knees. Ego and ungratefulness.
of course it was a long time ago and I really don't give it much attention or out of the same view of sorrow and melancholy. and everyone of you can relate to that. a shift in consciousness and perception is now if you wanted to turn around you'll turn with a tilted head and smiling back at your old self.
you're not the same man as before. you don't even recognize yourself when some elderly decides to tell people a story about you, you oddly realize that's not who I am and who's that guy ? you even feel some hatered an pity your older self. just by PASSING BY...

50lern Or 50cent :p hahahaha

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You're a strong and determined man now with so much to live and to offer to others. Your heart is mild and your character has strength. It's pure happiness to have come to know you.
Thank you for this text. And...feel free to thank yourself for all the years you have been there for yourself as a true friend and guide.

thanks for the lovely words @regenerette I'm thankful for your friendship. You're the kind of person who keep pushing people forward. after all it's literally a job of yours as happiness manager.


I wanna talk about a fateful day that can never skip my memory, this was on the 08-june-2008 when I lost my precious dad. I


I almost lost my mind, I went into the middle of a sea and stood there after programming my drone to capture me as last memories. I lost him and my mother to a fatal accident. Automobile vehicles took their lives. I almost committed suicide. I lost myself. I ran away for many years, I felt so much pain in my heart. I never enjoyed the fun of having a family. It was very painful.

Kim, that 0 point of energy when you were there might have just turned your life into a more positive experience. I am sure you have changed your system of beliefs and empowered yourself more since that moment when you have decided to stay alive and breathe for the next second, hour, day, month year. The path to #selflove is hard and challenging for us all. But once we come back "home" to who we are and what we want, it becomes easier. We are more...calibrated, congruent. My heart embraces this text of yours and the decision you have taken to stay and enjoy what life has to offer.
Thank you...for being!

Thanks so much for ralating. It was a near death experience for me.. I had to pull through. Thanks for this opportunity to tell all about me.. hope I win though. Winning helps

You already so many ways!

Hi @regenerette , here is my post to enter your contest:
At first I wanted to just write a comment, but it became a whole post.
Should I win, I would prefer LEOs. But in any case, I hope you enjoy my story.

I'm glad to see you have decided to join this!
It's good seeing new faces around who are engaging!

I love the initiative and would like to enter, but the first things that come to mind are a bit too private for me to share here. I will think about it, and see if I can leave a comment with a situation I feel comfortable sharing with the world :)

Here's my tiny upvote for support, enjoy the weekend!

Thank you!

Feel free to participate by tomorrow.

With appreciation,

Hola!!! Saludos a todos. Tenía un año y medio que no veía a mi esposo; ya que trabaja en otra ciudad pero hace unas semanas me reencontré con él. Gracias a Dios
esposo y yo.jpg

Thank you for participating. You are a nice couple and I hope you will get to see your husband more often and spend time together, which is valuable because it seems you love each other a lot!

Thank you 😍😘