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Hello all,
This is my 42th day in Alive challenge and hive..
Yes I am Alive.


Thanks you God for blessing and slower of love.. as I am alive today and can see today sun set..
Wise to see tomorrow sun raise.. It was a good day with God's blessing to start a new Morning.

After many days we had a evening drive in car on expressway to an long long drive and this photo is taken just before sunset 🌇.. i completed by task and left office on time and reach home, family members are ready and we left for long drive.. this small good and great time with family make bonding strong and create healthy atmosphere in the family..

I request each one family man or woman to spend as much possible time with family which is very much required in today life style...

Thanks all for your cooperation and support.

I thanks to @flaxz iamalivechallenge the initiative.
For more details and participation please check the link https://ecency.com/hive-155221/@flaxz/i-am-alive-challenge-the-guide


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Thank God We are Alive...



Finding out time from the busy job life to spend with the family members is something I appreciate very much. We all should do that more often.

The picture is a good one also.

Enjoy your time.


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