I am alive Challenge - Day 269

Hello All,

Hope you all are doing good.

Was busy with a production issue in office but all sorted by end of the day.

Went out for walk in the Evening but had to run back because of rain. It was most of the day but rained a little in the evening.

Clicked this photo while walking:


With these words, I am sharing day 269 post of my I am alive challenge.



I thanks to @flaxz for the initiative.
For more details and participation please check the link.


Curation Trail

@bradleyarrow setup a curation trail and you can check he details and how to join the trail by clicking on this link



I had a good day, thanks for sharing ensure you have a good rest.

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Hello dear friend @harpreetjanda good afternoon
I'm very sorry that you had a pleasant day at work. it's good that everything has been solved
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

A lovely way to end your day by going for a walk and getting caught in the rain. I love a good rainshower hee hee Hope you have a great day tomorrow :-)

Rain is such a blessing

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Good morning my friend

I hope today is going to be a very happy and joyful day for you in a very beautiful way.

The picture that you presented to us while walking in the morning looks very beautiful. It looks like a professional photographer has shared this picture. I liked it very much. I hope you will get this wonderful post from you next time.