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The influx of diverse generations into the workforce has changed several aspects of corporate life. The Y generation has a significant impact on changing workplace dynamics. Experts and studies demonstrate that the Y generation is more driven and collaborative when working remotely. Also, this generation's workforce are more technologically connected and use technology to get things done faster.

According to a Paw Research Center report, 30% of working Americans are Y generation, and the situation is similar in our country, where youth predominate. Y generation will take on more prominent positions as the baby boomer generation born 1946-1964 retires from the stage.

Significant changes in company life dynamics and operations will occur this year, especially with the Y generation taking the leadership position and the subsequent generation Z (youth born in the 2000s) entering the business life. Here are the business advancements we might expect:

Email is obsolete. Email is recognised as the most effective employee communication tool.

While many firms still use email as a means of communication, some have begun taking drastic measures to minimise email traffic and improve internal communication.

A French IT company recently stated that it had stopped using email. According to the CEO, only 10% of the 200 emails staff receive are important, while 18% are spam. Despite having 74,000 employees, the corporation has begun using instant messaging and live chat tools for internal communication.

With the rise of the tech-savvy generation Y in the workforce, businesses will increasingly use alternative communication methods to e-mail.

Traditional office designs are transforming business life and company surroundings; there will be locations where everyone can see and talk with each other, rather than isolated by separators.
Some may recall Steve Jobs' successful office setup at Pixar, where all computer experts, animators, and managers worked in one building. This system paved the way for better issue resolution and idea exchange.

Millennials will support new methods of communication both within and outside the workplace.

Unlike in the past, modern company leaders will build offices so everyone can see each other and converse effortlessly. Open offices will help firms solve problems, collaborate, and grow employees while enhancing communication.

Gain in work flexibility Technology makes it simple to do away with typical 9-5 business hours. Millennial leaders use technology to make workers' work environments and hours more flexible, allowing them to work when and where they are most effective.

The traditional 9-5 working schedule is projected to evolve, allowing for more flexibility.

The divide between work and home is shrinking. As the line between work and personal life blurs, employees will find it harder to unwind. This position, which allows for flexible working hours, helps employees influence their managers and bosses, but it also produces morale issues.

Whether you are managing or cooperating with Generation Y, these workplace and office improvements will prepare you for the year and beyond.

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