Life Does not Stop for Any individual

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We love those who can't stand us with all.
We present ourselves in disarray to those to whom our value is at once limited, cheap.

Even if you think of many things as your own, going to the same place, every human being is very weak. Despite hundreds of insults and neglect there, the man is confident that everything will be fine at some point. The man may heal the hidden pain of your mind. He will keep you in love and care.

Nothing really works. It's okay to adapt, to understand yourself. The man who has gone all the way holding hands, leaving the impression of believing in him with his eyes, is also the man who leaves his two faithful hands at the end.

The one who left, however, will not want to understand the cry of your wounded heart at all. The sound of your broken, incessant crying will not reach his ears. The man who left but always stays well, stays healthy. The man who dies in a daze, the man who has been left in the middle with a book of hope, a book of dreams.


Everyone says that one's life does not stop for anyone. Well, of course, yes, I really do know this, why it's something known in advance. The pain is sometimes confined to two drops of tears in the corner of the eye, or sometimes to a sigh. This pain cannot be shown to anyone, it cannot be explained by writing essays.

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Who understands the pain. However, at the end of the day, one has to live with such understanding that no one in this world, no one is by anyone's side all his life. Hundreds of troubles, pains in the corner of the mind with a smile to tell all the other people that you are well and Surviving.

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