A topic that is difficult and careful to talk about...DEATH

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Now we want to understand a topic that is difficult and careful to talk about.

Isn't it the devil's job to speak like that without considering the feelings of the person who committed suicide or the family left behind?"

Movements to talk about suicide are often stymied by these words. And this is probably the essence of suicide.

In other words, the reason suicide is such a difficult and careful topic to talk about is because suicidal intent itself lies in 'blocking words'.

For example, when someone commits suicide in the family, the family is doubtful about the fact, both internally and externally. If suicide is not mentioned at all, or if the story is unavoidable, we try to leave the memory of the suicide in a beautiful form.

So the literal language of suicide is blocked because it stimulates our shame and guilt. That is, because in the presence of a suicidal person, we experience it as if we were guilty.

And this experience of experiencing oneself as a wrongdoer is something the suicidal person experiences as well as us. We blame ourselves as much as suicide blames ourselves. In that way, we assume that we are responsible for someone's death.

When we experience suicidal events around us, we experience a feeling of helplessness that we are not doing anything. This feeling of helplessness in turn stimulates our feelings of shame and guilt. It becomes a pain that constricts ourselves. Understanding helplessness is important here. When we experience a sense of helplessness, there must be this thought.

"I'm the one who can solve it."

Only those who deserve to be able to solve it on their own experience a tremendous sense of helplessness when encountering a figure they cannot solve well in reality as big as the measure of justification.

Suicide, paradoxically, is an act of liberation from this overwhelming sense of helplessness.

In other words, in order not to accept the fact that one cannot solve a problem to the end, suicide is a method of choosing an ending by saying that only one can solve it.

In order to become a being who could somehow solve it, he tried to solve it by his own death. The last thing you want is to experience yourself as if you were a being with the power to solve it.

So, the problem of suicide is a problem of ego.

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