The bad With Evolution

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The world has changed drastically since its creation. The primitive and stone age giving birth to a civilized world. First was the agricultural age then the industrial age to the information age, but as things are evolving, poverty, war, unemployment, and superiority are gaining ground while values for culture, custom, and tradition are no longer appreciated. Those who experienced the progression of evolution in Africa always comment that the former is better than the latter because as the world evolved other fields were neglected as well as people who did not know information communication technology. Poverty, unemployment, hunger, greed, and unhealthy competition set in.


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It only did not affect the economy of the country but devalued our culture and tradition. An Example is the aspect of respect, good behavior, and hard work. Things that were celebrated before with good morals are no longer appreciated. Money seems to be the core definition of a good living, so, if anyone who is poor or living averagely suffer oppression by those in power and position. Evil ravaging the heart of men through information communication technology to steal, or blackmail others for money.

Evolution in itself is good, but it has also brought more pain, suffering, hatred, and bitterness to some. It may not have been the evolution itself because change is constant, but men have lost conscience and are corrupted. However, this trend has contributed to these events over time. I hope men will understand that evolution is for the betterment of people and is not an act to oppress the poor and average men.


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