Sometimes We Need To Ignore Culture To Follow Our Minds

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Culture is one of the things that characterizes us in our daily lives. Obedience to culture would often bring us a blessing from our creator, as they said. In many cultural practising countries today, people are being forced to do everything the culture says just like in the case of not marrying from a particular tribe, not eating this food, girls deprived of education and others. Although it's the culture, why are we to obey everything they tell us. Why is the culture dictating our way of life?

12th of July 2012, there was this beautiful girl, Sharon. Right from when she was small, she had always wanted to become a soldier and when she told her Dad who is also a soldier that she wants to be like him. Her dad who happens to be a cultured person to get all his father's blessings said No, that it is forbidden for females to join the military moreover to kill someone rather she should grow up, marry and start a family. These statements disappointed the little girl, but when there is determination, there is hope. Sharon was the only girl child though, the rest was boys, and she had everything one could mention. Sharon didn't bother about her father's words, as her big brother would help out.

There were 3 boys, Lenny the eldest, then Kjaer and the youngest who's also Sharon younger brother is Alex. Sharon was always ready to become someone, but the word culture was against her will. Who will give up his or her dreams just because of culture? Sharon told her eldest brother Lenny about her dreams, he was quite amazed as no one in the family except her wants to be a soldier like a father. Lenny having to love his sister so much made a deal with her, and he was going to cover all her actions. Sharon was in high school then in the final class. And when she is done, according to culture, she was going to stop schooling, stay at home and learn how to be a good wife. A young girl who has a long way to go will be learning etiquette to become a good wife. What a strange culture!

Sharon told Lenny she wants to go to the gym frequently to keep herself in shape. Lenny agreed but at a particular time. Every Saturday, Sharon would leave home in the morning and come back in the afternoon, Lenny would say she went to visit her friend. Since their parents were always buying it, it became a routine for him to say, but he would change it at times. One of the Saturdays, Sharon went out to write the military entry exams and dressed appropriately. Her mom began to notice that Sharon body has changed a lot, her hips enlarged. She then asked Sharon how her hips increased all of a sudden? She couldn't say the truth because once the truth is out? She will be restricted from going out. The house security is more than you can imagine.

They lived in their hometown. So, she said she was taking hips enlargement pills. What a beautiful lie. Her mom gave her a look she doesn't understand, and she quickly said mom, I'm not lying. What are we eating today? I'm seriously hungry,
Her mom told her to go eat the cake in the fridge, as the food isn't done. Her father is someone who is always with the elders doing what they like doing best, learning old practices of their good culture. Lenny then called his sister, telling her that, don't you think it's time to tell everyone your plans? She quickly said no, that she's waiting for the results to come out before she can spell a word. She further begged him to hang on. Sharon owes her big brother a lot. It would take a month before the results come out.

She still needed to go to the gym. She headed out one Saturday, but the guard on duty said that we are going to follow you to where you're going today, Sharon was like... Hey, you can't follow me, I don't need a guard. The guard responded that her mother gave the orders. She said my mo.. mo. Did mom give you the orders? She quickly called Lenny to see if he could talk to them, as they weren't listening to her. Lenny came from inside to air off the matter, but they still refused. Lenny then said he is going to follow her, they shouldn't worry and go back to their posts. The both of them left, they reported to Madam that they couldn't follow Sharon to where she was going because she already left with her brother, Lenny.

Well, Kjaer and Alex were not the types to be sticking their nose around even if they know where they went. Alex own was that his big sis is going to buy goodies for him, so he never had the mind to report her and Kjaer on the other hand is an introvert, no one dares to come in his way, his weakness was the girl he loves, though. Only his siblings knew about her. Lenny had to wait for Sharon to finish up her exercise, you must know how bored Lenny would be. After that, they went to the grocery store to get things for some kids in their hometown and of course getting Alex something to shut his mouth.

Lenny asked Sharon to stop her exercise in the gym as a mom is already getting suspicious of her activities. She agreed and said she would do some exercise in her room every morning and go help some elders down the street to carry their loads. Lenny drove back home and did shower and slept while Sharon picked up her phone and to her surprise, she saw a message that she passed the examination. She ran hurriedly to Lenny's room, barge in the room and jumped on him... Like seriously, she jumped on her elder brother. She told him that she passed the exams. He was like, was that why you jumped on me? Sharon has frustrated Lenny throughout the day and must be difficult for him to endure it. He jokingly told her, tell him when he wakes up again. She left his room kind of with a frown face.

She said she has something to say. Before her father could say a word, she said she wants to avoid marrying, and they should go. It was shameful to visit family.
Father was angry, and he immediately disowned his daughter, saying she is a disgrace to the family and the tradition. Mother couldn't talk because women views are not always heard. They believe women are not mature. Alex was crying because he doesn't want his sister to leave him. Sharon was ready for it, so she's to go to the military camp for her training and others. Her siblings gave her money to use to survive, and she had some savings. The boys had a difficult time living on without their sister's presence. But they had to. On the other hand, Sharon was doing extremely well. T
he circumstances in which she found herself isn't bearable at all. A few years later, she was inducted into the military after her father tried using his connections to remove her from the military.

Her father was really against her dreams. It didn't work, moreover. Lenny and Kjaer had left the house to live on their own. It was only Alex.
Alex was now a big boy, and he joined a bad set of friends who disguised that they were good guys. He often brought them home and father wouldn't talk since they were all boys. They knew almost all parts of the house. Then they plan to rob the house on the day they're celebrating a festival. And their families all return to the house, only Sharon was missing due to her actions. The joy wasn't complete, though. Alex's friends were already ready for their glorious mission that night. During the celebration, the guards and everyone were marrying until gunshots started. All the guards were slaughtered without mercy. They barged into the house. In fear, all of them lied down, Lenny quickly texted his sister to help them out. As she saw the text, she knew this was her time to prove to her family what she's become. She asked him to stay still. Lenny felt a little relaxed as he knew his sister would come for him. Aside from that, I have always protected her when she was still around, so she would come for us.

Before everyone knew it, lights went out. We started hearing screaming and the lights went on back. All the bandits were on the floor. The baby has used a silencer. She didn't kill them though, just injuries. She walked towards her mother, took off her mask and said it's me, Mom. I came to rescue all of you. The 3 boys went to surround their sister and gave her a big hug. She went on to remove the bandit's disguising mask. And Alex saw that it was his friends who came to rob them. The case was left for the Police to handle. Sharon and Father stared at each other for some seconds and Father said, come here, my princess. I'm sorry for everything. Sharon was in tears as she said, I miss you, Papa. Father took back his words and accepted her back into the family. The joy was now complete.

Pursuing your dreams despite what culture brings is what we should uphold. If she had obeyed culture back then, Alex friend's would have been accomplished.


Is it a real story?

Aaaah! The culture is the killer of dreams in many cases. I am happy she accomplished what she wanted

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