Do not Give Up In The Struggle

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Don't forget to always smile and be happy in living this life, because life is too short to just spend it with a lot of sadness. So live your life from day to day and make yesterday's experience a teacher so you can change tomorrow's life for the better. Because experience is the greatest teacher in all of our lives. In this post I want to share motivation that might be an afterthought for all of you about ''What's the Reason That Makes You Give Up in the Struggle''. This is especially for those of you who are tired and want to give up to achieve success.

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Don't we all know that living in this world is completely a struggle that we must be able to go through. Because no matter how small we do in the world, it must be needed with struggle, such as the smallest example is when in front of us there is a plate of rice that is just cooked and we want to eat, but when we want to eat the rice, especially we have to blow it first. first so that it is not hot anymore and then we eat it.

That's the smallest example that you must be able to understand correctly that to eat rice that is already ready requires struggle.

Likewise with the struggle to achieve success, of course all of that requires a struggle that is so hard again than the struggle when you want to eat one plate of rice. So what is the reason that you want to give up the fight? Are you tired because until now your life has not been successful? Or because you feel that you do not deserve to be successful? So know that there is no single reason that makes you give up in living this life. Because basically when you are born into this world it means that you are the chosen one who is ready to go through all the challenges that exist in the world.

So from now on don't ever think about stopping fighting, because if you decide to stop then your life will never change, but if you continue to struggle even today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow you will not be able to succeed but you still have hope in the future.

future that you will be successful because you are still continuing the struggle.

Although basically we don't know when all of this will happen, but for sure you have a chance. But if you stop, then you will not be able to hope for anything with your life, in fact your life will be destroyed because there is no activity you do.

So now it's better to continue your struggle even though until now you have not been able to succeed, believe that the struggle will never betray the results, the important thing is to continue to struggle and let time determine the results.

Because there is no single reason for us to stop fighting as long as the heart is still beating, because to meet the needs of life we ​​must always fight.

Stop complaining and continue your struggle no matter what happens, like it or not, we are indeed required to always fight.