Shame on Azircon and co. for DV this. My Latest Investments: Splinterlands, Rising Star, Leo, HOT

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I got back from my summer holiday and started working on small projects, one of them being with, others in Gamification, others in Blockchain marketing and games. Also, I've been nominated the 28th Thought Leader in the world on EdTech You might know that from one of my previous posts.

So, having some time at my disposal, about 1h/day, free to do what I want, I have decided to continue playing Splinterlands and place myself between those "10,000 - 20,000 people sign up for Splinterlands every day." that @splinterlands was mentioning in this article a few days ago.

Invested $10 in the Summoners Spellbook and unlocked more Splinterlands options.
I'm still learning the mechanics and dynamics. But I have to say I have won my first 5 chests from the last season, which finished yesterday. 🎆🎇🙌

Here is what I got:





1 thought: I might use the DEC (which is the in-game currency) to start renting or buying cards

Now, besides engaging some time and energy in Splinterlands and being helped by a good Hive friend to understand more and faster, I must say that I wanted to do more in Rising Star also, which I have left behind while going to the seaside for a back recovery this summer. So I have also decided to buy two packs, using Starbits this time.


I felt like a little kid opening them. Plus, they really change the quantum of rewards, the missions I can do now and I think that I am getting ready for the next Rising Star approach: to make more Starbits and to stake them on certain records/songs. I have done this already BUT I have decided to unstake them and to use the small amounts of Starbits to buy more cards. I'm just letting those of you that have your music on RisingStar know that "I'll be back!"

I have a feeling that both Splinterlands and Rising Star are games that will create a higher blockchain gaming revolution for a new generation of kids, artists, workaholics like me :)) and stressed moms, andropause men, all kinds of targeted end-users!

3rd NEWS:
I have invested and will continue to do so in LEO.


My reasons are practical and personal. I won't give and financial advice at this point.
Feel free to check out my March-April posts, I gave enough advice at that point related to CHIA, POB, and HIVE, when this last one began to drop.

Latest crypto news: I've invested more in HOT and from my crypto website connected to the Wyoming IMC, got around 500.000 Gpoints.


...and this:


~created for the HOT community by me

Those of you who want to talk to me, I am daily on discord, from 10-11 PM, you know which timezone if you know me already.

Thanks for reading and see you in THE GAME!


I tried Splinterlands, but life got in the way. It seemed to remind me about World of Warcraft and I loved that game, but again, life got in the way. Congratulations on your holiday. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Yeah... whew! You know... I don’t see anything amiss with this post Regenerette! It’s very very odd to be getting a downvote like this on perfectly good/original content. I take it that you’re still on, you know who’s, blacklist? Have they done any follow through to verify that the content (originally in contention) is actually yours and on your website? It seems to me that if one wants to backUP their content immutably on the blockchain that this should be something encouraged especially if it is content coming from your own source originally. This all seems overly unfriendly and even hostile to nee and UPcoming accounts. @guiltyparties can you give us all (lots of people watching how this plays out.) some clarification on what’s been done to right this situation? The longer this goes on the more harm it does to our blockchain.


@wil.metcalfe, it's been pointed out many times on her numerous accounts that she's plagiarized content - not just from the website she purports to own (which according to @hivewatchers, recently responded and failed her verification - do a search of the comments on her account & I'm sure you'll find the convo) but I believe from other publications like CoinDesk (I don't recall the specifics - again, I'm sure you can DYOR).

When someone continually and repeatedly steals content from other people across multiple accounts, they are blacklisted. That doesn't mean if they sometimes share original content (which seems to be the case here) they suddenly get a pass. She brought this on herself, and for some reason refuses to take responsibility.

And you want to talk optics? Championing someone who publicly bashes the blockchain for calling her on her abuse, and who goes so far as to publicly threaten people? That's really the Hive hill you want to die on, Wil?

He's too busy playing "hero", but not busy enough to do some research.

Is saying things like this absolutely necessary? If you knew me at all and were able to make any sort of judgment (and why are you judging people anyways?) about me... you would already know that this isn’t the point of what I’m doing here and what I’ve done in the past... it’s not quite as simple as your making it out to be...

You may continue to think yourself as such.

Did I need your permission to think for myself... no I did not.

Try taking your own advice when it comes to "judging" people.

I have nothing more to say to you... You have clearly laid your cards on the table. Congratulations...

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