Splinterlands - Chaos Legion Daily Pack Opening! 8 Packs Today!

in Splinterlands10 months ago (edited)

Hey folks, here are my daily chaos legion pack reveal!

Today i managed to buy 21 packs!

Here's 8 being opened!



1 Gold Common + 1 legandary!!
11 Rare with 2 Summoners

Thats pretty good going and these have massive potential to increase in value!

If you sign up with my Referral Link and purchase the Summoner's Spellbook i will delegate you 5 cards to help you get started. At least one of these will be rare or higher.

Peace Graham :)


hi Graham, goodness another 21 packs, that's awesome! Those cards are beauts. I've seen mixed messages about whether the packs will be available without vouchers at some point. Do you know anything more about this by any chance? Cheers

Hey man 😁👍🍻

Yeah i am happy with that result... Still Got some more good cards to reveal in the other packs also! 😉

Yeah they are now on general sale which means no vouchers are required anymore to buypacks . They sold a few millions the first day but it has slowed down now.

The only thing you still need the vouchers for is to get the bonus packs.

So If you buy 100 packs you will still need 10 vouchers to get the 10 free bonus packs.

Peace G.

oh fantastic news!!! I had no idea that I could already buy without vouchers...brilliant, thanks so much for the info Graham. I wonder what could be in those other packs !LOLZ