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Hello Everyone

Playing battles with splinterlands is so much fun and even an opportunity to learn about some interesting cards. I played some battles this morning and now sharing my battles share the post with Ant miners which theme card for this week's challenge. I am happy to share my battle with you guys and hope you will like it.

Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 10.36.57 AM.png

These days SPS token has changed things and lots of people have joined splinterlands to be part of this revolutionary gaming platform. Every day I play battles and also claim my SPS airdrop and stake it for additional token reward and this has been a routine for more than a month. Because of the system glitch, last season was delayed by one day, but this season its going great so far and I expect that there would be no further issue.

Battle Video and Information-

I played this battle with the fire splinter. I used 6 cards to play with because I got 28 battle mana and with the equalizer theme, all the cards got the same life. I planned to put The Living lava in front as its good to bear the damage and does a nice attack. I always prefer to put it at the front and it is the best slot for this card I believe. By the time it manages to bear the attacks and attacks back then other cards do some damage in between. Other cards like Cerberus and pixies did nice attacks which made me win the battle.

Here is the complete battle that you watch and see how my card selection and team performed.

My Battle Strategy and Cards Placement

I got 28 mana for the battle and this is good for the battle. I picked 6 cards and some of them are very nice and powerful. Since the battle theme is equalizer so all the cards have got equal life and because of this battle lasts a bit longer. I picked living lava for first place and followed by Cerberus. I put in between other cards like pixies and fire demon which are also nice cards from the fire monster.

Living Lava
Ant Miners
Spark Pixies
Beetle Queen
Fire Demon

Living Lava

Living Lava is quite a powerful card in the fire monster because it gets reduced damage but does nice attacks to other player's cards. I always put this card in front of my other monsters and in this battle when mana was too low so it was even more important.


Cerberus is like 3 dog heads combined together and it has the power to restore its life after each attack and that's why I picked it for the battle. It was certainly a good choice that I made. This is the theme card for this week and this battle is based on this fighter.

Ant Miners

This card is the theme card for this week and the challenge are based on this card. Here is the card in fire monster having Scavenger ability and I have been using this card for quite some time. This is a common card in fire monster and it costs 2 mana to be in the game. Its certainly a tiny card but its ability makes it more valuable.

Spark Pixies

Spark Pixies is a rare card in fire and it has low life but higher speed. I have a level 5 card which has 3 life and 6 speed and I prefer to pick this card when the battle theme is earthquakes it has the flying ability. It also has stun ability which is another plus to pick this card in battle.

Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 10.16.52 AM.png

Beetle Queen

Beetle Queen is a tank heal card in fire splinters. Its a rare card in promo edition and costs 4 mana. Heal tank ability starts from level 5 and I have a level 5 card with my account. This card also has another ability of Inspire but that's on level 8 only so I can't say how it works because I don't have that many high-level cards.

Fire Demon

Fire Demon is a rare card and it costs 4 mana but it has 6 life. Although it has 3 speeds its blast ability makes it a nice card and it does additional damage to the adjacent cards from the opponent players. This is quite a nice card and at the 4 mana cost its worth picking for the battle.


Direct Battle Link-

Above is the direct link that you can use to check my battle but I am sharing the line-up snapshot as well. I think that I did pretty well with cards placement and its because mana was high so I could do it.

Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 10.09.58 AM.png

Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 10.10.37 AM.png

Here is the battle result and I got 32 ratings along with 19.19 DEC tokens which is very good.
Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 10.10.45 AM.png

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Whatever strategy I had in placing the card for the battle went well and it was a nice move by me. I won the battle and it was all planed nicely. My planned strategy worked well which made me win the battle.

Do you like Ant Miners? Why or why not?

Ant miner is a card that cost only 2 mana and I have a level 6 card. I use this card a lot while playing with fire splinter and its a good pick card for low mana battles. I like this card because it did well in the battle and I like its performance. I will use this card for my future battles as well while playing with the fire splinter.

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Thank you so much
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Nice win!
And yes, 19 DEC is awesome!

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Thank you so much. appreciate your support.

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