risingstar: 1000 Missions, first milestone

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Completed the level 46 and now heading for level 47,
Completed 1000 Missions

Hello all,
This is my post in rising star....
I started playing this game with my friend and hive family support.

Today i had completed 1000 missions in less 3 months time..

Here I am Sharing my current missions status,

As on date it had earned:
Fans 480 (415 card 65 temporary)
Luck 85
Skill 1796 (335 card & 1461 lessons)
Total IM 10
Card 19

My Rank is also improving day by day.. from 4592 to 3504

I have total 3 Pizza and 1 Pizza Box which keep my energy level high but they are also less, i am planning to added some more Pizza in kitty coming days..

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