Where is Peng Shuai

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Where is Peng Shuai

Maybe you already know the news or maybe you haven't noticed it yet. I did not know if I should bring this here, however it seems fair to bring it, because if a voice is silenced it is our duty to shout and protest about it.

The truth is that I feel somewhat identified with this news because, here in Latin America in many countries we live under a dictatorship. But nothing comparable to the absolutism that is lived in China and its disgusting government.

If you follow tennis maybe you know the situation of Peng Shuai, if not here I bring it to you. Shuai is a Chinese tennis player who recently accused none other than the former vice-premier of China of rape.


The news is that Shuai's whereabouts have been unknown for almost two weeks now all in the wake of the exposure of the senior Chinese official. The medium that Shuai used was a Chinese social network, Weibo to be specific, last November 2 and then was deleted by the extreme censorship in that country.

Shuai has excelled in the world of tennis in the doubles where she has been champion of Roland Garros. Peng has been number one in the world in this modality. So she is not just another tennis player, she is a former grand slam champion, and even if she was a tennis player and was not very well known, that does not take away the freedoms and dignity she has as a person.


Where is Peng? What is her condition? Is she well?

The truth is that this is unbelievable, for this to happen to an athlete is something that seems to be taken out of a movie.

Although China has experience in this kind of criminal practice of censoring and silencing its critics, the same thing happened to Jack Ma, who is the founder of Alibaba Group, the Internet retail conglomerate and one of the richest men in China.


The abuse by the Chinese politician reportedly occurred when Shuai played a match with Zhang Gaoli's wife and after the match Gaoli took the tennis player to a room where he committed the abuse.

Abuse in sports has been rampant and it is not unthinkable that athletes are forced by their coaches to do things they don't want to do.

Perhaps the most recent sex scandal was that of the gymnastics team and Simone Biles and many other gymnasts who denounced their family doctor.

However this goes to another level as she is not only a victim of rape but also a victim of enforced disappearance by the Chinese government.

Most likely Shuai will turn up in the next few weeks and will be forced to leave the sport and live in a remote mountain in China like Jack Ma.

It is unbelievable to me to think what Shuai could be going through and how disgusting the damn Chinese government is.

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Where is Peng Shuai

Quizas usted ya conozca la noticia o quizas todavia no se ha dado cuenta de ello. No sabía si debía traer esto acá, sin embargo me parece justo traerlo, pues si una voz es silenciada es nuestro deber gritar y protestar por ello.

La verdad es que me siento algo identificado con esta noticias pues, acá en latinoamerica en muchos paises vivimos bajo una dictadura. Pero nada comparable con el absolutismo que se vive en China y su asqueroso gobierno.

Si usted sigue el tenis quizas conozca la situación de Peng Shuai, de no ser así acá se la traigo. Shuai es una tenista china que recientemente acusó a nada más y nada menos que al ex-viceprimer ministro de China de violación.


La noticia es que Shuai ya lleva casi dos semanas que no se conoce su paradero todo esto a raíz de la exposición del alto funcionario chino. El medio que utilizó Shuai fue una red social China, Weibo para ser específicos, el pasado 2 de noviembre y que luego fue borrado por la extrema censura que se vive en ese país.

Shuai ha destacado en el mundo de tenis en la modalidad de dobles donde ha sido campeona de Roland Garros. Peng ha sido numero uno del mundo en esta modalidad. Por lo que no es una simple tenista más es una excampeona de un grand Slam, y aunque fuese una tenista y no fuera muy reconocida eso no le quita las libertades y dignidad que tiene como persona.


¿Donde está Peng? ¿Cual es la condición en la que se encuentra? ¿Esta bien?

La verdad es que esto es increíble, que esto le ocurra a un deportista es algo que parece ser sacado de una película.

Aunque a decir verdad China tiene experiencia en este tipo de practicas delictivas de censurar y de callar a sus criticos, le sucedió lo mismo a Jack Ma, quien es fundador de Alibaba Group, el conglomerado de empresas de ventas por internet y quien fuera uno de los hombres mas ricos de China.


Segun se dice el abuso por parte del politico chino se dio cuando Shuai jugó un partido la esposa de Zhang Gaoli y despues del partido Gaoli llevo a la tenista a una habitación en donde cometió el abuso.

Abusos en el deporte se han dado muchisimos y no resulta impensable pensar que los atletas se vean obligados por sus entrenadores a hacer cosas que ellos no quieren hacer.

Quizás el escandalo sexual más reciente fue el del equipo de gimnasia y de Simone Biles y otros muchos gimnastas que denunciaron a el medico de cabecera.

No obstante esto va a otro nivel pues no es solo una victima de violacion sino que tambien es victima de desaparición forzada por parte del gobierno de China.

Lo más probable es que Shuai aparezca en las proximas semanas y que sea obligada a dejar del deporte y vivir en una remota montaña en China a como ocurrió con Jack Ma.


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Not good news and hope she is ok wherever she is. I know Jack ma disappeared and had his company portioned out and then he reappeared again. Crazy stuff and why China is like it is with no one trusting them.

An authoritarian country cannot be trusted.
I hope he is well, although it is a serious accusation that surely did not go down well in high political circles.

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Yeah I don't buy the letter that was sent to the WTA at all. It will be interesting to see if she has "minders" when she goes to her next international tournament. It wouldn't surprise me if they hold her family hostage while she is away to ensure that she doesn't seek political asylum overseas. Tennis is already a super stressful sport and now she is potentially an enemy of the state too.

I agree with you. I think they will have her "watched" and eventually force her to retire from tennis.

The accusations are serious and it would not be strange as you say if she is considered an enemy of the state.

When will enough be enough as far as diplomatic relations with China are concerned? If this happened really with any other country there would be consequences.