The bad basketball player

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Hi everyone! I found this article here about what makes you a bad basketball player as opposed to a good one.

I found it funny and intriguing to see which are these characteristics of a bad basketball player. So let's see them together!

Reduced playing time | No one wants to give him the ball

Lots of turnovers | Similarly, others tend to avoid passing the ball to them.

Bad attitude | Being the bad guy in the team won't lead you that far because it might affect the entire team.

Not a defense player | If you don't have a good defense the opposite team will use you and take advantage of it.

No improvements | You don't search to improve yourself at the gym.

-----So, of course, this is not a totally right bad basketball player guide for you, but it can draw some ideas on that.

Hope you enjoyed my post.




Improvement is a central talent of any successful person. Nobody starts off getting everything perfect!

I couldn't agree more 🙂