Wellbeing- The key is in our hands

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Hope you all are doing good.

Well-being is a broad term used to describe general health status. In today’s world, where the stress levels are high and food items available are all meaningless calories without a tinge of nutrition, it definitely seems a far fetched dream to maintain our general wellness.

We all have crazy daily routines including high performance pressures at work and loads of responsibilities to fulfill in our personal lives. We often find ourselves at crossroads while trying to do everything at the same time. This feeling of not being able to accomplish our jobs and duties properly leads to the emergence of dissatisfaction which ultimately causes “Stress”.



There’s nothing much we can do about our responsibilities and problems but we can prepare our bodies to face them boldly. Good food, good sleep and a little amount of exercise can do wonders in accomplishing this goal.

First of all, get rid of all the plastic from your kitchen, as the harmful components leads to varied kinds of diseases including cancer. Secondly, try to pick organics for your meal but if it’s unaffordable..take everything in moderation. We should always make a habit to cook and eat fresh instead of frozen and already cut fruits and veggies available in market.



Half an hour walk/ exercise/ sports/ yoga can do miracles. Physical activity not only distress our minds but also helps to get rid of extra calories or fat from our bodies. It also stretches our muscles which helps to avoid any sudden muscular injury.

Lastly but equally important factor is good sleep. We should always try to get a sound 8 hour sleep in order to recharge, destress our body and cognitive functions.

Everyone knows the importance of above listed factors that have huge impact on our wellbeing but now is the need to apply them practically in order to live happy and healthy lives.

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