Childhood Memories

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Hello all Hive Friends.

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While living through my childhood, whenever I used to ask any question... my parents used to say “you would understand when you grow up”. Upon listening this , I used to think,” Oh god, when would I grow up?”



Now that I have grown up, married and living in a different country as that from my parents.... I often find myself lingering upon my childhood memories.

I guess we all miss those magnificent times spent with our siblings, parents, childhood pets and friends. I am sure we all miss those childhood fights with siblings or friends,
patching up with them, playing our own made up games etc.

I still remember my dad used to wake me up every morning in a such special lovingly manner while picking me up in his cuddly arms, swinging a little and singing his own made up song to pamper me.



All those childhood memories brings me nostalgia and I would always cherish them.

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Childhood is beautiful and I miss it. Childhood memories sometimes makes me. Feel like to have a rewind of things I did, the good ones though.

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I totally agree with you.. these memories are so valuable and when we think about them in our minds, it really feels like reliving them

Childhood is the best! I remember playing endlessly in the parks till 11 or 12 AM sometimes. We would come back only when my mom would shout on top of her voice, LOL.

Now when I am seeing my baby grow, I realize what am I missing. I want him to enjoy his childhood to the most because these are the best days of his life. No tension to earn money or pay bills or terrorism or politics. An innocent mind trying to do naughty things and making everyone laugh.

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So true... now we know what are we missing. I wish there was a switch to go back in time